Drs. M. Gotchey, L. Meyring, N. Daughenbaugh & N. Stiff
24 Hr On- Call Emergency Services Available!
1878 Lincoln Ave. 
Steamboat Springs, CO 80487
Phone: 970-879-1041
Fax: 970-879-1506

Steamboat Veterinary Hospital

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AVMA Health Brochures 

Topics :

     Cancer, Vaccinations, Diabetes, Parasites and More!

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Canine Pregnancy 

Whelping (giving birth) in Dogs

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WhelpWise Service:

 Have someone due to whelp?  Our monitoring service leases a uterine contraction monitor and an ultrasound Doppler for use in your home.  Equipment hooks into your regular phone line, and transfers information about labor to our whelping center.  WhelpWise is available to clients on service 24 hours a day-7days a week  Use of the whelping  equipment begins 4-5 days before the expected due date. The WhelpWise service is ALWAYS offered in conjunction with your veterinarian.

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