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Arthrodesis:  the surgical fusion of a joint. In other words, the bones forming the joint are permanently joined together so that there is no movement in this part of the limb. Arthrodesis is a salvage procedure that is generally only performed when there are no other options to save the function of the joint.

Extracapsular Lateral Suture Stabilization (ELSS):  a surgical procedure that provides stability to the unstable canine knee.  The instability is the result of a torn cranial cruciate ligament (CrCL). Knee stability is necessary for proper leg function and comfort.

Femoral Head and Neck Ostectomy:  a surgical procedure that aims to restore pain-free mobility to a diseased or damaged hip, by removing the head and neck of the femur (the long leg bone or thighbone).  

Fractures:  Fractures are typically classified as either “open” or “closed.” An open fracture occurs when the skin over the fracture is open and the bone is exposed, while with closed fractures, the skin over the affected area remains intact. There are also certain situations in which the bone fracture is incomplete (i.e., a small sliver or crack in the bone). These are known as hairline fractures. A dog with a hairline fracture may not exhibit the typical symptoms associated with open or closed fractures. Nevertheless, hairline fractures are painful and should be treated (i.e., stabilized) with equal care.

Medial Patellar Luxation:  a condition where the patella (knee-cap) does not stay in its normal position in the groove on the end of the femur (thigh bone) and will pop-out, or luxate, to the medial (inside) surface of the knee.

Osteochondritis Dissecans (OCD):  an inflammatory condition that occurs when the diseased cartilage separates from the underlying bone. It most commonly affects the shoulder joint but the elbow, hip, or knee (stifle) may also be involved.

Tibial Plateau Leveling Ostectomy (TPLO):  a surgery performed on dogs to stabilize the stifle joint after ruptures of the cranial cruciate ligament (analogous to the anterior cruciate ligament [ACL] in humans, and sometimes colloquially called the same).

Triple Pelvic Osteotomy (TPO): 
a surgery performed in moderate- to large-breed dogs with early clinical hip dysplasia (HD). The goals of the procedure are eliminating coxofemoral joint laxity, improving hip congruity, and normalizing stresses of the hip joint.

Ulnar Osteotomy: These procedures are used to correct developmental abnormalities of the elbow and/or the wrist

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